Custom Mobile Systems

The Ultimate Mobile Audio/Video Systems

Imagine sound so crisp you think you’re on stage with the band, bass that hits harder than your favorite dance club and an installation so perfect you can’t even tell it’s there… that’s the essence of a custom-designed car stereo system from WeeBee.

Our experts understand all of the latest mobile audio/video technology and can help identify your needs. They can recommend the perfect components, speakers and amps. And our highly-trained installation team can make it look flawless no matter what kind of car or truck you drive.

Thanks to our convenient Lancaster, PA showroom, you can see and hear all of the latest gear firsthand before making a decision. We’ve got all sorts of car stereo components on display and tuned up for you to check out. And our Car Stereo Specialists are on hand to answer all of your questions and help design the perfect custom system for your vehicle.

Our Custom Car Stereo services include:

Head Units
Tired of the wimpy stereo that came with your car? Today’s latest head units offer great sound, powerful amps, touchscreen interfaces and BlueTooth connectivity. They really are lightyears ahead of your automaker’s stock stereo.

Car Stereo Speakers
Most vehicle manufacturers skimp when it comes to great sounding speakers, so this simple upgrade can really make your car sound great. We stock speakers of all shapes and sizes, and our Car Stereo Specialists can help recommend the perfect set for your car or truck.

Looking for a little more thump? We’ve got amps and subwoofer boxes that you can really feel. When used in conjunction with a new head unit and speakers, our custom-designed subwoofer systems add just the right amount of bass to your music.

iPhone Integrations
Our car stereo installers can make your iPhone or Android device work seamlessly with your car’s audio system.  Imaging making hands-free calls through your stereo or streaming music from your phone’s MP3 player. We can make it happen!


Stop by and see us today, or call us with questions. Our Car Stereo Specialists are looking forward to helping you take your vehicle to the next level!